Why waste new resources when there are plenty of them kicking around for reuse?

At Arkworks, we create handmade products from original vintage garments, recut and reborn into a one of a kind piece. Our work reflects our desire to come up with designs that are retro and vintage inspired, yet with a modern update.

If we really get the creative urge and can’t find any suitable re-usable material, we do occasionally work in a choice newly made substitute. So we aren’t always good, but we do always try to be!


We mainly use recycled leather from old jackets. Yes, there are lots of old and heinously designed leather jackets from the past, when looking like a pimp was trendy. So, we have found where all those guys have buried them and given them a second life as a backpack, duffle bag or some other inspiring design.


Our team of designers and buyers source and meticulously handpick vintage dresses that your grandma would have worn and turn them into something much more easy on the eyes and, dare we say, slightly more fashionable (unless you had an especially stylish grannie, in which case apologies to her!)

Every piece is unique, has a history and offers us the chance to produce exclusive and limited collections.

We hope you will love our products as much as we loved creating them!